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Customer Reviews:

Subha Shetty of Menlo Park wrote, 

"What impressed me most about Veena is that she took the time upfront to understand my needs, made me write them down, so am clear too and she has an uncanny sense of matching nannies to families. For example, we initially rejected a profile as it didn't sound like the right fit on paper but Veena persuaded us to speak to the candidate and that's the nanny we ended up hiring. Veena diligently lined up backups and ultimately came through for us."

Karishma C from Oakland wrote,

" Veena's promptness in responding to my emails and phone calls really impressed me. Additionally, she took the time to understand who I was looking for to help take care of my child. She guided me to some profiles and eventually pointed me to someone who ended up being the right fit for my family. Our nanny is gentle, clean, professional and respectful among other things and we thank Veena for helping us find her."

Reeny M, nanny from Santa Clara, wrote:

"i found my best position through your company and enjoying it. I look forward to the next endeavor."

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