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East Bay

#1602, Afghan, 52, (Aziza) resides in Antioch, Bachelors in Child Development and Liberal Arts, teacher for 27 years at Headstart, US citizen, driving for 25 years, married, mother of 3, 31 years in the US, fluent in English and Farsi, CPR certified, Afghan and American cooking

#2507, Nepal, raised in Calcutta, India, (Indu) 47, resides in Vallejo, married, mother of 2, (one is a medical student, other is Engineering student), fluent in English, Hindi and Bengali,does not drive, 4+ years in the US, Bachelors, English teacher for 8 years, 3 years childcare experience with one family, baby was 5 months when started, does North Indian cooking 

#2182, Nepal, 24, (Sabita) resides in Castro Valley, 2 months daycare experience, speaks English, 4 months in the US, married, no children, Bachelors, can work in and around Dublin

#2185, Nepal, 42, (Radhika) resides in Hayward, driving for 12 years, 16 years nanny experience, fluent in English, BA,

#2184, Nepal, 28, (Bimla) resides in San Pablo, learning to drive, speaks English, green card holder, married, mother of 2

#2273, North Indian, 61, (Pritam) resides in San Ramon, 8 years in the US, mother of 3, US citizen, seeking a live-out position, full-time or part-time

#2404, North Indian, 50, (Joginder) resides in Dublin, 4 years nanny experience, does not drive, speaks Punjabi only, 5 years in the US, does cooking, wants to work 9-5.

#2430, North Indian, (Maninder) 60, resides in Pleasanton, (Bernal), does not dirve, 5 years with one family, mother of 2 (seeking a job in and around Pleasanton)

#2460, North Indian, 60, (Sheetal) resides in Hayward, does not drive, 3 years nanny experience, mother of 1, widow

#1408, Nepal, 50, (Sarala) resides in Pittsburg, driving for 5 years, fluent in English, 9 years in the US, 6+ years nanny experience, married, mother of 2, Bachelors in Nursing, worked in the hospital for 20+ years in Nepal

#2490, Nepal, 29, (Chandani), resides in Oakland, fluent in English, flexible on hours, 5 years child care experience in Denmark, also fluent in Danish and Hindi. Seeking a full-time or part-time position.

#2513, North Indian, (Kulwinder) 40, resides in Dublin, driving for 6 years, 5-6 years childcare experience, seeking a full time position or part-time cooking position, no childcare

#2496, North Indian, (Kusum), 50, drives, resides in Dublin, 8 years in the US, seeking a part-time position, excellent cook, mother of 3, 4 grandchildren, currently working 11-4

#2247, Nepal, 35, (Samita) resides in Hayward, driving for 5 years, seeking a full time position, 1.5 years nanny experience with a 6 month old baby, CPR certified, married no children, HS diploma, fluent in English, does cooking, seeking a position from 11am onwards

#2546, North Indian (Bihar), 45, (Pratibha), resides in Richmond, single, mother of 2, 13, 16, with father, seeking a live-in /live-out position, ran a daycare for 1 year, driving for 18 years, 20 years in the US, restaurant biz, cooks North and South Indian dishes, fluent in English and Hindi, Masters in Sociology, enjoys fashion designing, references available

#2631, North Indian, 32, (Pammi) single, resides in Dublin, >1 year in the US, green card holder, HS diploma, does non-veg cooking, 2-3 years child care experience, learning to drive

#2628, North Indian, 45, (Jaswant) resides in Livermore, 8 years in the US, driving, local areas only, Dublin, Pleasanton, widow, has a son, BA, US citizen, 3 years childcare experience (not available at this time)

#2719, Nepal, 38, (Tija), resides in San Leandro, does not drive, 1.5 years in the US, mother of 2, 11,13, permanent resident, fluent in English and Hindi, took care of an 18 month old in SF for 1.5 years, references available, seeking a live-out position 

#3166, Sindhi, (Nirmala), 50, resides in Dublin, license for 3 years, no car, children can drop and pick up, 5 years in the US, worked for an American family, also worked for an Indian family, >1 years childcare experience, mother of 2 college age children, very soft spoken, excellent cook, understands English, fluent in Hindi

#2805, Nepal, 36, (Pooja) resides in Hayward, driving since 2007, 8 years in the US, mother of 1, 1 year child care experience, BA, does light cooking, prefers to work mornings 5 hours per day

#2780, North Indian, 20, (Param), resides in Dublin, driving for 2.5 years, HS diploma, 2 years of college, taking evening classes, seeking a full-time position.

#2948, Nepal, 27, (Punam), resides in Hayward, driving for 2 years, no vehicle at this time, does cooking, volunteered at a child care center for about a year, did tutoring for 4 years, studying Business, helped father run a kindergarten/ Montessori in Nepal, work permit, she helped out for about 7 months, seeking a part-time position, working from 2-9pm (3-4 days/week).

#2094, Nepal, 44, (Sunita), resides in Hayward, speaks English and Hindi, married, mother of two, 20,17, work permit, 1 year in the US, 1 year experience in a Daycare, does not drive (currently working)

#3179, Nepal, 45, (Maya), resides in Castro Valley, fluent in English, 8 years childcare experience, driving for 5 years, flexible hours (currently working)

#2754, North Indian, (Sarbjit), 40, does not drive, her children can drop, resides in San Leandro, US citizen, 6 years child care experience, does vegetarian cooking (available June 1)

#3254, North Indian, from Delhi, (Sukhveen), 29, resides in Dublin, drives, does cooking, mother of a toddler, BComm, fluent in English, has done tutoring, available after 2pm.

#3129, Nepal, (Shakuntala), 50, resides in Hayward, >1 year experience with toddler, has a work permit, 2 years in the US, currently working part-time, seeking a full-time position (currently working)

#3321, Nepal, (Rekha), 27, resides in Castro Valley, >6 months in the US, green card holder, fluent in English, does cooking, BA in Bus Admin, helped with brother children since they were newborn, now 2, 5, currently working weekends.

#1370, North Indian, 46, (Nirmal), resides in Castro Valley, driving for 6 years, seeking a live-out position, 4 years childcare experience, 7 years in the US, green card holder

#3417, North Indian, (Manjeet), 51, resides in Richmond, seeking a live-out position, drives, CNA, 9 years elderly care experience, 3 years childcare experience including twins, and special needs

#6172, North Indian, (Suman), 51, resides in East Bay, drives, worked in Berkeley, San Francisco, 6 years childcare experience, worked 4 years with one family, fluent in Hindi and Punjabi, understands English

#2291, North Indian, 51, (Gurmit), resides in Hercules, driving for 7 years, seeking a cooking job in and around East Bay, seeking a part-time or full time position

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