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Meet our Live in Nannies:

#3562, Nepal, 35, (Sushma), resides in Richmond, seeking a live-in position, married, mother of 2, ages 15 & 9, family is in Nepal, green card holder, worked for 1 family, baby was 7 months old when started, worked for 6 months until grandparents came, currently working in fast food, fluent in English, HS diploma, 2 years of college

#2984, Nepal, 24, (Dolma), single, resides in San Pablo, Bachelors in Bus Studies from Nepal, took care of nieces and nephews, does food prep, does not drive

#2561, North Indian, 59, (Manjit), resides in Elk Grove, >1 year in the US, green card holder, seeking a live-in position, fluent in Hindi and Punjabi, lived in Nainital and UP, mother of 3

#3213, North Indian, (Inderjit), 60, >1 year in the US, resides in San Jose, seeking a live-in position, green card holder, mother of 3, seeking a housekeeping position

#3257, North Indian, 57, (Balbir), resides in Union City, green card holder, 1 years' experience with one family, vegetarian cooking, eggs are ok, mother of 3, seeking a live-in position

#3259, North Indian, 62, (Balvir), resides in Hayward, green card holder, does non-veg cooking, seeking a live-in position

#2761, North Indian, (Rashpal), 54, resides in Pittsburg, seeking a live-in position, 7 years in the US, green card holder, worked for one family for 16 months, another family for 6 months (placed by Indian-nanny), mid-wife in India for 24 years, references available, she cooks non-veg.

#3393, North Indian, (Jaswinder), 57, resides in French Camp, 4 years childcare experience, US citizen, speaks Hindi, references available

#3237, North Indian, (Rajinder), 60, resides in Hayward, does not drive, seeking a live-in position, 1 year in the US, green card holder, RN in India for 25+ years, CNA, CPR, fluent in English, does non-veg cooking

#5951, Nepal, (Muna), 39, resides in Los Angeles, family is in Nepal, 2 years in the US, work permit, seeking a live-in or live-out position

#3416, Hispanic, (Maria), 42, single, resides in Arizona, driver's license no vehicle, seeking a live-in position, 10 years with the same family, 3 weeks notice required, resume and references available

#2826, Pakistan, 52, (Sabira) resides in Bay Point, seeking a live-in position, does not drive, 8 years childcare experience, BSc, mother of 4, 3 grandchildren, excellent cook, live in nanny experience for 1.5 years in Hercules, child was 3 when started, fluent in English.

#2610, North Indian, (Jagir), 55, widow, resides with daughter in Manteca, 5 years in the US, 2 years childcare experience

#3708, Nepal, (Mita), 59, resides in Pinole, seeking a live-in position, 3 years childcare experience , childcare and related duties only

#3603, North Indian, (Gurjit), 50, resides in Union City, nursing experience, also has beauty salon experience, 5 years childcare experience, drives and has a car, fluent in English, vegetarian cooking, singer, lived in Bengal, speaks Bengali, Marathi, can make South Indian dishes

#3541, North Indian, (Resham), 54, resides in Sacramento, seeking a live-in position near Sacramento, husband and children are in India

#3796, Nepal, (Jyoti), 42, resides in Albany, seeking a live-in positon, husband and 18 year old son are in Nepal, worked for one family for 1 year, took care of a 3 year old

#3960, Nepal, 40, (Sita U), resides in San Pablo, primary school teacher for 20 years, husband and children are in Nepal, mother of 2, boy is 20, girl is 16, does cooking 

#3262, Nepal, 40, (Janaki), resides in El Cerrito,, 1 year in the US, speaks Hindi only, mother of 2, 25,23, husband and children are in Nepal, non-veg cooking

#3205, Nepal, (Sharada), 46, resides in Hartford, CT, 2 years in the US, fluent in English, 2 years childcare experience in the US, swimming coach for 6 years, 12 years Montessori training, mother of 2

#2937, Nepal, 45, (Banika), resides in San Francisco, 2 years in the US, ran a daycare/montessori in Nepal for 2 years, BA one year, married, mother of 2, does cooking, worked 1 year for a family in Newark 

#3749, Nepal, (Parijat), 37, resides in El Sobrante, seeking a live-in position, has a work permit, took care of 2 children, started when child was 5 months old and second child was a 4 year old girl, does Chinese, Continental and Indian cuisine, speaks English and Nepali, husband and 18 year old son are in Nepal

#2730, Nepal, 50, (Satya), resides in Woodland, seeking a live-in position, driving for 4 years, owns a 2010 Nissan Altima, family is in Nepal, 4 years child care experience, with 2 children at a time, has a work permit, 30 hours of caregiver training, worked 1 one year with family in San Jose (placed by Indian-Nanny), took care of a toddler

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