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Berkeley & Surrounding   
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   #1848, Nepal, 47, (Nirmala) resides in Berkeley, does not drive, 5 years in the US, married, has a 20 year old son, 4 months childcare experience, mostly retail jobs, speaks Hindi and English, HS diploma, green card holder, likes cooking, seeking a part time or full time position
#1781, (Gita) Nepal, 26, resides in Berkeley, 2 years  in the US, BA from Nepal, teacher in Nepal for 6 years, grade 1-6, 1 year childcare experience in the US, baby was 6 months old, married, no children, green card holder, driving for 1 year, fluent in English,  does housekeeping as well.

#1871, Nepal, 39, (Krishna) resides in Albany, 10 years in the US, driving for 7 years, Bachelors in Management from Nepal, 5 years nanny experience, seeking a weekend position, married, has a 3 year old daughter, may also consider part time or full time position, can do cooking and housework, $15-20/hour

#1900, (Karzom) Tibet, 49, resides in El Cerrito, does not drive, married, has 3 children, 13,18,20, fluent in English, lived in South India, 5 years in the US, work permit, 3.5 years nanny experience including twins, references available

#1924, Tibet, 40, (Yishe) resides in Oakland, speaks English, 5 years in the US, seeking a housekeeping and/or babysitting position, 1 year experience, married, mother of 2, 18, 16, does not drive, green card holder, CPR certified, not fluent in Hindi

#2274, Nepal, 54, (Nimi) resides in Richmond, 15 years in the US, 10 years nanny experience, driving for 10 years, references available, seeking a full time position in and around Richmond 

#2275, Nepal, 26, (Sujatha/Sona) resides in Oakland, driving for 2 years, 2003 Toyota, 3.5+ years nanny experience, children were  7 months old and 5 years old, references available, Architectural student at UC Berkeley for one year, currently not enrolled in school, work permit, 4 years in the US, seeking a full-time position, cooking and housekeeping, Indian cooking, (going to school full-time).

#3039, Nepal (Lhamo), 34, resides in Oakland, seeking a live-in position in and around Berekley, SF, born and raised in Mumbai, India, married, does not drive, mother of 2, ages 2,10, family is in India, BA from Delhi University, fluent in English, does Indian cooking

 #3342, Nepal, (Tenzin), 36, resides in Oakland, fluent in English, husband and two children are in India, ages 11 & 2, took care of sister's newborn baby in the US, 1.5  years in the US, lived in Mumbai for 10 years, know Indian cooking

#2338, Nepal, 42, (Tsering D) resides in El Cerrito, driving for 3 years, 5 years in the US, HS diploma, lived in Southern India, fluent in English, Hindi and Kannada, 4 years childcare experience, currently working 3 days per week,  Certified Nursing Assistant course,  worked 4 years in her field, mother of 3

#2505, Tibet (raised in Bhopal, India), (Dimple) 41, engaged,  son is 14, resides in Pinole, 9 years childcare experience, driving for 10 years, Bachelors, CNA, CPR certified, Hindi teacher in India for 7 years, excellent references, does non-veg cooking, likes poetry, singing, knitting, painting, crafts, gardening, reading, walking, photography and art. She is fluent in English and Hindi

#2668, Nepal, (Savitri), 47, resides in Albany, 3 years in the US, married, mother of 2, does cooking and housekeeping

#2670, Nepal, 35, (Sarbada), resides in Alameda, married, mother of 15 month old, 9 years child care experience, 10 years in the US, driving for 7 years, 2006 Honda Accord, HS diploma, fluent in English, prefers to work with newborns/infants

 #2706, Nepal, 23, (Gita), resides in El Cerrito, fluent in English, permanent resident, 2 years in the US, Masters in Economics, enjoys cooking, >1 year childcare experience

#1245, Nepal, 50, (Lata) resides in Berkeley, 2 years in the US, mother of 2, 17,19, permanent resident, does cooking and housekeeping

#2700, Nepal, 37, (Indu), resides in Albany, 9 years in the US, green card holder, fluent in English and Hindi, HS diploma, mother of 2, 21, 18, driving for 4 years, does cooking and housekeeping, seeking a full time nanny position

 #2728, Tibet, 35, (Yehhi), resides in El Cerrito, driver's license since June 2014, driving for 3 years, no car, 5 years in the US, family is back home, fluent in English, currently working, 3-4 weeks notice required, seeking a live-in position in and around East Bay, cooks only Tibetan food

#2567, Nepal, 22, (Kusma), resides in Berkeley, seeking a live-out position, fluent in English, Nepali and Hindi, did her pre-requisites for nursing, 4 years in the US, green card holder, CPR certified, worked with two families, child was two years old,  other family, the child was 4 years old, also placed by Indian Nanny as a part-time nanny for 1 year, child was 1.5 years old, experience with newborns, volunteered at Foster care in Oakland International High school, taught the children Bollywood dance, hobbies include, reading, studying, dancing, traveling and playing with children, does not cook

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